Steven C. Hayes om forskningen inom ACT

Steven C. Hayes skriver om forskningen inom ACT. Hur det såg ut tidigare och hur det ser ut idag, globalt.

”ACT research began in 1981 but the first tiny randomized trial did not appear in print until 1986. In mid-August of 2014 the number of randomized trials on ACT slipped 100. If you do the math it took 28 years to get to 100, about one new trial every 14 or 15 weeks.

Today, October 2, 2017 (just over 3 years later) the number of randomized trials on ACT slipped past 200. That means a new ACT trial appeared about every 11 days in the last 3 years. You can see the actual list of RCTs here:

Looking over the list you can see that there are a growing number of trials in health areas. You can also see a lot of trials now outside of the US and Europe, especially from Asia and Iran. That is a challenge in many ways but is also something to be deeply proud of. ACT is owned by the world, and CBS, RFT and the Psychological Flexibility Model are proving to be relevant to human beings everywhere. The future of ACT is not going to be controlled by any one country, language, or applied area, nor even by a small set of any of these. The future of ACT will be controlled by the world community and the needs of people creating vital lives.”

Steven C. Hayes 171002


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